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Addventageous is a social enterprise dedicated to equipping, empowering, and educating women in the community with the bike skills to ride safer, ride more often and ride with confidence. With female empowerment at the heart of the Addventageous mission, the goal is to begin the cycle of getting the community at large to ride together. As a social enterprise, Addventageous operates in contributing efforts to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being and Goal 11: Sustainable Communities and Cities


Who is Addventageous?

Our Mission

Riding a bike increases physical health, cognitive skills and mobility. An increase in cycling for commuting also reduces emissions and congestions on roads. Inhibitors to riding include lack of confidence, safety concerns and lack of infrastructure or knowledge about the rideability of Sydney. 

“We started for women. Empowering women to ride a bike changes the safety perception, allowing their children to ride too. Once the children are able to ride, you see a community of safe riders grow up together” 

- Charlene Bordley (Founder). 

Addventageous answers these deterrents by providing bike confidence workshops, bike maintenance workshops and bike skills sessions while advocating for the social capital benefits of riding a bike through our partnerships and community initiatives.

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