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Active Kids Summer Bike Confidence

Skills Knowledge Confidence - for riding a bike

  • Ended
  • 120 Australian dollars
  • Parramatta Bike Hub

Service Description

Welcome to our Bike Confidence Progression program, where we guide children through the exciting journey of transitioning from balance bikes to pedal bikes! Our program is designed to provide a supportive and structured environment for young riders to develop the necessary skills and confidence to pedal independently. At Parramatta Bike Hub, we understand that learning to ride with pedals can be thrilling and challenging. That's why our experienced instructors are here to provide expert guidance and encouragement throughout the process. During our eight-week program, your child will master the essential techniques to confidently ride a pedal bike. We focus on the following key areas: Balance and Coordination: We'll reinforce your child's balance and coordination skills, building upon the foundation they developed on their balance bike. This will help them find their center of gravity and maintain stability while pedaling. Pedaling and Propulsion: Our instructors will teach your child proper pedaling techniques, emphasizing smooth and controlled rotations to generate forward momentum. We'll work on developing their leg strength and coordination to optimize their pedaling efficiency. Steering and Maneuvering: Your child will learn how to steer and maneuver their pedal bike effectively. We'll cover turning, cornering, and navigating various terrains to enhance their bike handling skills. Starting and Stopping: We'll guide your child through the process of starting and stopping their pedal bike safely. We'll cover techniques such as using the pedals to push off, gaining momentum, and applying the brakes smoothly. Confidence Building: Throughout the program, we prioritize building your child's confidence. Our instructors provide a supportive and nurturing environment where children feel encouraged to push their boundaries and overcome any apprehensions. At Parramatta Bike Hub], we celebrate each milestone achieved by your child. Our program is designed to foster a love for biking, instill lifelong skills, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Join us on this remarkable journey of Pedal Power Progression! Limited spots are available, so secure your child's place today and watch them soar with confidence on their pedal bike.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that Addventageous does not accept any refunds or exchanges on any ticket. By purchasing from us, you are supporting a social enterprise and all money collected by us is reinvested into our community.

Contact Details

  • Parramatta Bike Hub, River Walk, Sydney Olympic Park NSW, Australia


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