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Her Cycling Connections 的核心是#ToGetHerCycling。


Her Cycling Connections started with a bicycle riding group of 10 mothers at Hilltop Public School. The benefits of social riding enhance the existing development of bike riding of well-being and identity. In connecting with these women, the power of bike riding and creating stories that form the basis of learning to ride, loving to ride, and riding to live; Addventageous through funding from Bicycle NSW to establish Her Cycling Connections. 

This program runs for women, by women and aims to challenge the misperceptions about bike safety, accessibility, and adversities women face when it comes to riding a bike. 


Her Cycling Connections empowers women by increasing their confidence, self-worth and holistic wellbeing in an affordable and approachable way. Women are increasingly disengaged within their community through cultural barriers, structural and frictional unemployment, financial difficulties, health issues, domestic violence, and isolation in general. While many other programs offer support for these women, few can also provide vocational training, mentoring, and both mental and physical fitness in one program. 

Through Her Cycling Connections, Addventageous aims to intervene at an educational level to empower, equip and educate female riders.  Her Cycling Connections is the bridge between awareness, education, and employment pathways that women need to ride safer, ride more often, and ride with confidence.

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学习正确骑行是克服阻碍女性选择每天骑行的障碍的基础。下一步是学习保养自行车并将其视为一种潜在机会。她的工作室有两个功能:让女性掌握维护自行车和促进自行车安全所需的技能,同时也传授领导力、旅游计划和团体管理等软技能,让女性们回到原点,用 Addventageous 引领她们自己的骑行旅游合作伙伴 Parramatta Bike Tours。通过合作伙伴关系的建议,她的工作室指导#RideLeadHer 获得正确的认证和培训,成为一名骑行领队。 


Addventageous 是一个为社区中所有弱势成员赋权的倡导机构。正是通过 Her Say 将用户的理解传递给政府机构和社区领导组织,这些组织能够做出必要的改变,使骑行成为解决许多可访问性和机会均等问题的可行解决方案。通过给她一个发言权,Addventageous 可以帮助在系统层面推动社区部门的变革。第一次推动来自踏板。

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