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Addventageous started with a simple idea; in teaching people to ride you are building confidence and life skills that they can benefit from each day. 


The Addventageous team provides affordable and accessible cycling programs and services for all members of the community. 


A healthy lifestyle is encouraged whilst building skills, confidence and safety for cycling. We also provide professional development pathways that offers opportunities for staff retention.


As a Social Enterprise; Income generated from bike hire and commercial programs is reinvested into community lessons and helping youth at risk develop lasting life skills. 


Bike Hire

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Bike Tours

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Weekends are the perfect opportunity to Discover Parramatta. With beautiful parks and riverside tracks you can enjoy quiet rides or family fun. Talk to us... we can point you in the right direction for places of interest and provide you with a local map.

Find us at the Parramatta Bike Hub providing space supporting a safer Rider, Bike and Journey. 

There is even an in house Bike Mechanic providing commercial Bike Servicing. Addventageous has city explorer bikes available for hire, along with family fleet bikes including child seats and tagalong.

For the more adventurous, how about trying a Tandem. 


Available 10am - 2pm* 


Weather permitting. Hire agreement + proof of ID required.

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