The cost of public transit for the city’s poorest residents a significant everyday challenge. Cycling helps recent migrants and youth at risk develop physical ownership of their city and encourages newcomers to move freely and confidently through the streets alongside their neighbours.


Owning a bike gives them independence, healthy exercise and a way to meet friends in a safe environment. Addventageous conducts workshops to develop bike maintenance skills, safety and provides a safe environment to connect with more people in their community. Along the way, new friendships are formed.

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Cycling can be the catalyst for so much more.


Addventageous is a social enterprise. The programs on offer help to bring people together and empower them through cycling.


Through donating old bikes, volunteering to help fix the bikes or join rides, you can help the migrant women, the marginalised and disengaged youth who will use a bike to help improve their lives.


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