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Bike riding is a social and enjoyable activity that can be incorporated easily into day-to-day life.  It is suitable for all levels of ability. 


People start riding for their health and fitness, and often keep riding for the great company and enjoyment that riding provides. Bicycle riding is an appealing activity for seniors as it improves cardiovascular fitness while being low impact on the hips, knees and other joints.


One of the great things about cycling is that there are no real age barriers.  People of most fitness levels can cycle, slowly and gently if necessary.


We offer non-competitive rides for pleasure and socialising while exploring our city. Our over 55’s programs connects people and gives them the skills to ride confidently around the city and parks.


The lifelong learning program not only offers you a new sense of freedom but will also help to reduce the risk of age related health issues such as diabetes, heart health, arthritis and high blood pressure


 Weekly Discovery  Rides are listed on Your Rides 

Contact us to learn more about lifelong learning and how cycling can benefit you at any age. 

Learning is the key to achieving potential; whatever that potential may be.


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