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Whether your organisation employs two people or 2000, you can take easy and cost-effective steps to make your workplace cycle-friendly. The important thing is for management and staff to work together. And, the environmental, health and productivity benefits of riding to work are well documented.


The integration of cycle-friendly facilities and practices within your organisation can increase your attractiveness as an employer. It can also achieve financial savings through reduced costs of car parking, taxis, car fleets and petrol.  Promoting a healthy workforce also reduces the amount absenteeism and increases productivity.

Learning life long skills for work and play


Addventageous offers the best place to start when thinking of commuting or active travel to your workplace. Through our month long learn to ride program you and your staff can learn bike safety and the best practices when dealing with traffic. This program is held for 1 hour on Thursdays and requires a minimum of 5 people.


How can riding to work help?


  • Cycling is a low-impact physical activity

  • Riding to work builds exercise into daily behaviours and is a time-efficient way to fit regular exercise into a busy lifestyle. Within 15km of a busy CBD, riding to work is likely to take you less time than other forms of transport

  • Regular physical activity reduces the likelihood of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer

  • Cycling also helps control stress, anxiety and depression.

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