Addventageous is a bike education and training business for purpose, working with Local Government, Community Organisations, schools and workplaces across Greater Western Sydney.

  • Raising awareness for safer conditions for more women riding more often

  • Encourage bike riding for reducing risks of chronic diseases

  • Normalise riding a bike to reducing congestion on roads

As a Social Enterprise Addventageous re-invests in projects that socially connect communities through cycling empowering health and well being for people and Country.

Aligning business with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #11 Sustainable Communities and Cities addressing issues around congestion on roads and decline use of bicycles for transport options.


Addventageous  delivers cycling programs for all.
We encourage a fun and supportive environment and our accredited skilled instructors have a play for life approach

when conducting workshops.


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike

Our founder of Charlene Broadley wanted to create a space that supporting cycling connected cities with bike education, training and advocacy. Addventageous has operated as a Social Enterprise for the last six years In addition to private consulting and learn to ride services. 

Your Cycling Connections creates an opportunity for change through a framework of lessons, rides, advocacy and training.  Our business is supported by the City of Parramatta who helped bring the  Parramatta Bike Hub to life. There are a number of projects connected to this space working with unemployed women, families, seniors, at-risk youth and Aboriginal communities.


One of the long term projects is Her Cycling Connections aiming to empower more women riding more often. As safely as possible by training local ride leaders to deliver regular social rides. The volunteer program for women by women creates a safe environment building skills, confidence and safety for fun, fitness and transport.


Charlene recently became an Individual Affiliate with Cycling Without Age Australia and has created a Sub Committee for a Parramatta Chapter. Ride leaders of Her Cycling Connections were the first to commence further training in this program on 12th June  In the future they will be providing rides around Parramatta Park for residents of aged care services.

The Parramatta Bike Hub,  providing space supporting a safer Rider, Bike and Journey prioritises moving Parra matters.  This is a training and meeting space collaborating with organisations and workplaces. The commercial program revenue such as Get Riding @ Work is reinvested into LERN Job Ready (Learn mechanic skills, Earn a bike, Return service working on bikes in a Nurtured  environment) A leading  Youth Organisation RTO has recently reached out to explore the recognition of competency for this program and possible funding sources to be able to do this.


Get riding at work evolved from the use of active transport through NSW Health Service - Get Healthy at Work. More recently has focussed on issues of congestion in a growing River City, with an expected 23 thousand new workers over the next 18 months.


Further community engagement is through Bike Valet Parking services at major events such as Naidoc, National Tree Planting, Parramatta Foundation Day and NYE. During current challenging times, the cancellation of these events will have an impact both financially and for capacity building.


Parramatta Bike Tours, connecting people, places and Country offers cycling by the river with a social impact experience.  This is a  Start Up business that evolved from a bike hire service and community discovery rides, followed by a collaboration with Our Living River campaign to make the river swimmable again and an invitation to join Murama Cultural Circle.  I have been working on an extension of  Murama Healing Space   Wangal Walk to train ride leaders to share the river stories on a bike tour. 

The LERN Job Ready program is used in this space to create the artwork of the five river mascots to be painted on  the ride leaders bikes who will share the Story of Our Living River


The blue Townie Bikes make up the bulk of the hire fleet and revenue is reinvested in the training and employment opportunities for ride leaders. We also regularly receive bikes donated by the local community which are fixed in house, ready to sell to community members or to add into our growing fleet.