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"Getting around the city can be difficult – particularly so for women, recent migrants or youth at risk without their own transportation and limited means. A bike has the power to connect people with the simple resources they need: food, appointments, healthcare, education, and much more.”

Charlene Bordley (Addventageous Founder). 

Addventageous is Your Cycling Connection to the benefits of bike riding since 2007. Founded by Charlene Bordley, bike education and social justice advocate, Addventageous operates for the community and with the community to create a sustainable cycle of learning to ride, loving to ride, and leading through rides. 


Female empowerment is the foundation of the Addventageous mission. By ensuring that women and vulnerable community members are given tools to improve mobility, wellbeing, and confidence; Addventageous limits the gap between privileged and disadvantaged community members at a systematic level. Her Cycling Connection is the primary example of what bike education can do in growing confidence, skillsets, and physical wellbeing. Addventageous also engages in youth workshops to combat bike adversity in adults and the stigma around bike riding. 


Read more about Her Cycling Connections HERE

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