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Riding a bike is fun and great exercise for kids. It also develops lasting life skills. By teaching kids how to ride safely we can build healthy, active lifestyles early whilst  giving parents peace of mind. Learning to ride helps to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence.


An active lifestyle has many benefits for children. Studies show that regular physical activity not only improves their quality of life, but also increases productivity and focus along with reducing chronic illness.


Road safety is a vital skill for any bike rider but it is especially evident as a necessity for children. By learning at a young age, they are more likely to hold on to those safe habits. 

Active Kids

Addventageous is an approved provider for Active Kids offering introductory bike skills for families after school usually held on school grounds and delivered by  Cycling Australia Accredited Instructors  , and Cycling NSW Parramatta Club.

The term program is designed to be a fun learning experience for kids offering  support to  parents/carers with  progressive skills for their children to ride dependability. 

The program teaches children to ride safely by developing their knowledge, skills and confidence – giving adults peace of mind.


1.9 million Australian children ride their bike every week, but many do not have the right skills to ride their bikes safely.

Empowering kids to ride safely !


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