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 Explore Parramatta On A Bike

Leaving River Foreshore 10am under Barry Wilde Bridge Corner of Wilde Ave and Phillip St Parramatta. Returning by 12pm

Ride leaders offer support  cycling on  shared paths and quiet streets.  Learn about baisc road safety rulse for connecting your journey and destination.

First Sat - Market By The River

Second Sat - Fish Ladder

Third Sat - Lake Parramatta

Fourth Sat - Coffee Trail


Go to EVENT REGISTRATION to book your next  themed social ride

 (bike hire available for flat $15)


Learning is the key to achieving potential; whatever that potential may be.





Bike riding is a social and enjoyable activity that can be incorporated easily into day-to-day life.  It is suitable for all levels of ability. 


People start riding for their health and fitness, and often keep riding for the great company and enjoyment that riding provides. Bicycle riding is an appealing activity for seniors as it improves cardiovascular fitness while being low impact on the hips, knees and other joints.


One of the great things about cycling is that there are no real age barriers.  People of most fitness levels can cycle, slowly and gently if necessary.

I love a social ride with Charlene. Super knowledgeable about all things bike safety, maintenance and loves to show off her community. A great advocate for riders and has super awesome programs for new riders or those who want to get back on a bike .