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Recreation Therapy Students on Placement

Building confidence delivering programs for children in an after school setting. A student reports, after having a break from working with kids, it was refreshing to get back into it. As the saying goes “it is like riding a bike” the skills came back naturally. Seeing the kids so excited to get onto bikes and immerse themselves in the program was rewarding. In saying that it was challenging to get them to listen to instructions to the games which lead to unsuccessful games, although using my coaching skills and thinking on my feet I was able to incorporate more challenging skills to engage the participants. The participants engaged with a wide range of skills which was conducted in a form of a circuit to make it enjoyable and interesting. After completing the program it was evident the participants enjoyed themselves as there were comments such as “I like this activity” and an endless amount of “thank you” from other participants. All leaving with smiles on their faces which indicated they enjoyed the program.

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Hi, is this possible we can get pictures of our boys Hamdan and Aayan practicing at Hilltop road public school

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